CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Settings - Index Page

Settings - Index Page

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Route Manager  Settings. Click on the Index Page.


  • Index page layout - Sets the Index page appearance as a list or as tiles.
  • Index tile width [px] - Sets the width of tiles that appear on the index page if the "tiles" layout is chosen.

Pagination and order

  • Routes per page - Limits the routes visible per page.
  • Order routes by - Sets routes order by title, created date or views.
  • Sorting order - Sets the order of sorting to either ascending or descending.
  • Search for whole words - Toggles whether to search for partial words or only to search for whole words.

Visible fields

  • Information visible on the index page - Determines snippet information seen on the index page.


  • Text on top - You can enter text which will be displayed on the top of the index page, below the page title.
  • Show map with all routes on the index page - Toggles whether or not to display the map including all the routes on the index page.
  • Show user's position using browser's geolocation - Toggles whether or not to display the user's location using.
  • Enable marker clustering - Toggles marker clustering on and off. Clustered markers display more clearly than overlapping markers.
  • Apply the route's color to its snippet background - Connects the snippet to the route by giving the snippet the same background color and the color chosen for the route.


  • Route featured image - Set's the route featured image.
  • Route default image - The web address of the route's default image.

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