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Download and Upload Types

The CM Download Manager plugin supports several kinds of downloads. The types of files supported include those that the admin defines, URLS, and shortcodes which produce "download" or "purchase/ add to cart" buttons coming from other plugins installed on your system (for example EDD shortcodes).

Setting Up Supported File Extensions and Download Type

First, navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Downloads Pro -> Settings.

Click on the Upload tab.

Next, scroll down to the Features section. Here, the admin can define which file types the CM Download Manager will support by listing the extensions of the file types separated by commas. 

The admin can also choose which types of uploads the Download Manager will allow, from among the choices of files, URLs, and shortcodes.

File Download/Upload

If the admin allows files as an upload type, the authors of downloads can  upload one or more files to be included and displayed in the download page

Uploading files can be done directly from the user computer (Select Files) or from the WordPress wp-content/upload folder where most plugins including WP media library store files

URL Download/Upload

If the admin allows URLs as an upload type, the authors of downloads can  specify a URL upon upload. Then, when a user clicks on the "Download" button for the URL download, the user will be redirected to the URL that the author defined.

Below is an screenshot from the Uploader form where authors will need to define the URL of the upload.

screenshot of using an encrypted url for downloading files

Shortcode Download/Upload

If the admin allows shortcode as an upload type, the authors of downloads can  specify a shortcode to be displayed at the download page.

In this example the shortcode produce a payment button which redirect user to the shopping cart

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