CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Index Page

The Index Page

How to open find Index Page

To open a Index Page navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Routes Manager  Settings. The Settings page includes the link to the Index Page above the settings tabs. Admin can add this link to the menu to give users access to this page.

Index Page

In the Index view, visitors can view all routes you have created. They can...

  • Sort routes by categories, difficulties, and route types
  • Search for specific routes
  • View routes inSatellite or Map view

Users can click on specific routes on the map to learn more (see the Viewing a Route documentation to learn what it looks like), or see snippets of all routes or routes in a certain category below the map.

You can edit what is shown in these snippets in the Settings page. See the Editing Appearance Settings page for how to do this.  

Add the Menu for Maps Routes Manager widget to your sidebar which will be visible only on the Map Routes pages.

  • Users with access can create routes.
  • Users with access can view their routes.

The Settings page also contains a URL for the user dashboard. For more on the User Dashboard click see the Documentation page.

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