Multi User Magento 2 - Split Session

Split Session

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The Split Session feature allows sub users to have their own cart.

To enable this feature, you should set 'Share Sub Accounts Cart' is to "No" in  as shown on the screen below.

Navigate to  Stores → Configuration → Customers → Sub Account Configuration and set 'Shared Session' to No.

This feature requires creating a new customer for each Sub User.

When Sub User Cart is not shared Sub Users log in as new customers but all functionality (notification emails, order data, permissions) is the same as before, except sharing the cart.

The creation of new customers per Sub Account is handled automatically by the Multi User extension.

In Admin panel → Customers → Manage Customers there is an additional column: 'Parent Customer'

Parent Customer shows which customers are Sub Accounts and to which Master Account they are connected.

Deleting Sub Users will automatically delete the connected Customers that have been created automatically.

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