CM Upsells Pro (EDD_UP) - Shortcodes


The plugin comes with three shortcode to display Upsell Offers.

  • [edd_upsells_pro] - Upsell in checkout – Add a shortcode or filter to the EDD checkout to show upsell products based on what the user already added to the cart.

  • [edd_upsells_pro product_id="x_y"] - Upsell in product page – Add a shortcode to any product page or blog post with the product id together with the option id. The output will be related cross-sell offers for this product. x = product ID, y = price option ID.

  • [edd_upsells_pro user_id="user_id"] - Add a shortcode with the user id to any page or post to show all related offering available to this user based on his previous purchases.

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