CM Clothing Store Plugin for Woocommerce (CMCSP) - Add New Product

Adding New Clothing Product

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1) Go to Product and select Add Product.

2) Check category. For more information see documentation about plugin categories.

3) Select Variable product as Product Data and open Attributes tab.

4) In Attributes tab add product attributes: Sizes, Colors, and Styles

5) Select values for product variations. Remember to check "Used for variations" checkbox.

6) If you need new variation value, click on Add new button and enter your value's label.

7) After you finish adding attributes and values, click on Save Attributes button and open Variation tab (1). Then Add variation (2).

8) Now you can set default product variation (1). Then set values for rest of product variations (2).

9) To finish creating your product, open each variation tab and select variation picture and enter price.

10) After you finish these steps, add Product Image and description. Click Publish button.

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