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Social Media Login - Overview

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CM Answers and CM Download Manager work with several social media platforms to enable a quick and easy authentication through external social media profiles, without needing to register with WordPress. 

With the Pro edition of CM Answers, you can allow users to register and login using their social media accounts from TwitterFaceBookGoogle+LinkedIn, or Microsoft Live. To support each social login option, you will need to get the API keys from the provider. Only after the API keys are enabled will it be possible to use the social login option.

After you get the API keys, you can enter them and adjust the social login settings under the Social Login tab in the plugin settings.

Once users log in with their social media accounts, a new WordPress profile will be assigned to their social profile, which will enable them to post questions and answers.

CM Answers Login Box

If you enable social media registration and login, the login box will include the social media icons.

If a non-logged in user tries to post questions or answers, this window will appear

When you click on the specific service's button eg. Facebook, you'll be redirected to that service's login screen. You have to sign-in using your social service's login credentials.

Then you'll be redirected back to the CM Answers where your identity will be confirmed in the background by the specific service. If there's an Wordpress account with the same email address you'll be logged-in to this account. If not the account will be created automatically using the email address obtained from the social media service.

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