CM Video Lessons Manager (CMVLM) - Version 1 Notes - Adding a Channel (before ver 2)

Adding a Channel (Before version 2.x)

Plugin channels are the basic building block. Each plugin channel can be assigned to a specific Vimeo channel or album. 

For example:

  • Subject A (=plugin category A)
    • Topic A (=plugin category A) -> Vimeo Channel or Album
    • Topic B (=plugin category B) -> Vimeo Channel or Album

Editing the Channel Information

The channel information includes:

  • A. Channel Title
  • B. Channel content
  • C. Channel Category
  • D. Channel Vimeo album or channel

Once you choose the Vimeo album or channel, the title and description will be filled automatically with the title and description from the Vimeo.

Assigning to Vimeo Channel or Album

On each plugin channel you can find a meta-box that shows all related Vimeo channels and albums which can be assigned to this plugin channel.

Sorting Videos

For each channel you can choose how the videos would be sorted.

To display the videos using manual sorting (which is available only for Vimeo albums) first you have to go to the Vimeo album Settings and in the Videos tab enable the Manual videos arrangement. Then you can change the videos order by drag-and-drop.

Viewing the Channel

The channel can be viewed in two ways:

  1. Direct link using the channel view link. In this option both title and description will show up. The view will use the Theme default template view.
  2. Shortcode inserted inside any post or page. Once used in this way the channel title and description will not show. You can choose any template to view the content of this channel.Example showing a channel with a shortcode

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