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Categories (Before version 2.x)

Categories are clusters of channels. They can contain several channels in each one of them. A channel can appear in more than one category. It is possible to use categories as subject and channels as topics. By default the plugin creates the first category called All Videos. if this is the only one set than the category dropbox will not be shown in the front-view and only the channels dropbox selection will be used.

For example:

  • Subject A (= plugin category A)
    • Topic A (= plugin channel A) -> Vimeo Channel or Album
    • Topic B (= plugin channel B) -> Vimeo Channel or Album

Creating Categories

Navigate to the plugin on the dashboard. Click on the plugin to activate to the drop down menu. Select Categories.

Enter a name in the provided box to add a new category. Then enter a slug for the name in the provided box below.

Scroll down the page to continue adding the category.

  • A. Select from the drop down menu to choose a Parent.
  • B. Type a description of the category.
  • C. Click the blue button to add the new category to your site.

On the right side of the page, the created categories are listed with a name, description, slug and count.

  • A. Choose from the drop down menu and click on the Apply button.
  • B. Search for a specific category using the box provided.

Using Categories

In each channel you have a metabox to assign this channel to a category. You can assign more than one channel to the same category.

On the front-end view the categories and channels will show as dropbox. 

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