CM Video Lessons Manager (CMVLM) - Version 1 Notes - Channels (before ver 2)

Channels (before version 2)

Channels are the main building block of the plugin. You can assign each channels to a real Vimeo Album or Channel. After creating the channel, the edit screen will let you assign the plugin channel with Vimeo album or channel.

For example:

  • Subject A ( =plugin category A)
    • Topic A (=plugin channel A) → Vimeo Channel or Album
    • Topic B (=plugin channel B) → Vimeo Channel or Album

Navigate to plugin on the dashboard. Click on the plugin to activate the drop down menu. Click on Channels.

This page lists all the channels that have been created.

  • A. Choose an action for the channel and click the button to apply it.
  • B. Click the filter button to apply a filter to the channel list.
  • C. The title of the Channel will appear here.
  • D. The date the channel was created will appear here.

Using a Shortcode

By using a shortcode  [cmvl-playlist] it is possible to insert the channel view into any page or post. 

The shortcode include several parameters:

[cmvl-playlist view="playlist|tiles" category="id|slug" channel="id|slug" navbar=1 searchbar=1 linksbar=1 ajax=1 urlsearch=0]

  • navbar (1/0) - Shows the upper navigation bar allowing selection of channels and categories
  • searchbar (1/0) - Shows the search bar allowing search of content in video titles and description
  • ajax (1/0) - Defines if the videos are shown in Ajax or non Ajax mode
  • view (playlist|tiles)- defines the default view of the videos 
  • linksbar (1/0) - shows the links to the bookmark and the statistics in the upper navigation
  • category - Can place here the specific category to display. Other by category id or better using it slug
  • channel - Can place here the specific plugin channel to display. Other by post id or better using it slug

Example of Using the Shortcode

In this page the following shortcode is being used:

[cmvl-playlist view="tiles" channel ="44293" navbar=1 ajax=1 urlsearch=1]
The output looks like this (44293 is the post id of the plugin channel).

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