CM Footnotes (CMF) - How To - Add Footnotes From A Post

Adding a Footnote from Any Post

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On each post from the list defined in the Settings, you will find a metabox titled "CM Footnote - Add" which will support adding a footnote directly from this post.

This is great way to quickly add footnotes to the text without the need to open separate tabs.

Clicking on it will open a dialog box which includes all footnote properties.

Add new Footnote - Popup Window

In the window you need to fill the basic information about the Footnote item:

  • Title - the word or phrase for which you'd like to add a definition in the footnote.
  • Description - the description of the word/phrase selected above. It can be just text, but you can also add all of the HTML styling and elements to make it look great.
  • Restrict to this page - by selecting this checkbox you can choose that the newly created Footnote will only be displayed on the page you're currently editing and not on the others.
    • You can also make the same later by going to the list of Footnotes in plugin's menu, selecting the Footnote from the list and editing the footnote item.
  • Update - in case you have a lot of Footnote items and you're not sure if the Footnote for current word/phrase exists or you're sure about that and just want to update the Description you can check this

After filling the form, you just click the "Add Footnote" and after a short while it will be added and you'll be able to get back to.

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