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TIP: Download File Example

Speed up the import process by using a sample file. Download CSV example file

Navigate to the Import/Export tab on the plugin dashboard.

Click the blue Backup to CSV button to backup footnote terms to a CSV. the backup will be saved on your server.

Click the blue Export to CSV button to export footnote terms to CSV.

The next option is to Import Footnote Terms from file. Follow the guidelines and choose a file to Import to CSV. Even better, use the sample CSV file to speed up the process.

Here is an example of the proper formatting in the plugin.

Id,Title,Excerpt,Description,Synonyms,Categories,Abbreviation,Tags,Meta 100,"Example Term","Example term excerpt text","Description, if multiline then uses<br>HTML element","synonym1,synonym2","categoryID1,categoryID2","abbreviationID1","tagID1,tagID2", 101,"Another",,"Excerpt can be empty",,

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