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  • Navigate to the Footnote tab.

Parsing box

  • Enable automatic parsing - Turns on the main functionality of the plugin.
    Disable it to show only simple footnotes (individuals for each post)
  • Avoid parsing protected tags - Prevents parsing html tags as footnotes items in case one of your footnotes has a similar name to an HTML tag.
  • Terms case-sensitive - Differentiates between uppercase and lowercase.

Footnote Links box

  • Check the box to enable titles for footnote links. Also, select the size of the link color.

Footnote - Content box

  • In the left side, check the box to enable display of the headers row in the footnote. Enter a value to type a header for the description and limit the length of the description using the drop down menu.
  • In the right side, enter a header for the title column of the footnote. Also, check the box to enable display of the footnote title.

Footnote - Styling

  • Define the visual aspects of the footnotes

Footnote - Behavior

Define the tooltip color, what happens when clicking the footnote and the float window settings.

Learn more: CM Footnotes (CMF) - How To - Show Float Window on Click


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