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General Settings

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Navigate to the Admin Panel → CM Footnotes Pro → Settings.

Click on the General Settings tab.

General Settings

  • Footnote Index Page ID - select from the drop down menu to choose your footnote index page id. This selects the page when will serve as the footnote index on your site. Select none if you do not want a central footnote index.
  • Remove linebreaks (paragraphs) in content - This setting is mostly relevant for users of older versions of the plugin who preferred how parsing worked before.
  • Simple Footnotes Output Priority - The priority of the filter outputting the Simple Footnotes Box. The lower the number, the higher on page the Simple Footnotes will appear. 9999 will display it in the same place as regular footnotes.

Footnotes Display

  • Display footnotes on given post types - Check the boxes to display footnotes on custom post type as well as regular posts. 
  • Only show footnotes on single post/pages - This can be used so footnotes aren't highlighted on your homepage, or author pages and other taxonomy related pages.
  • Highlight first footnote occurrence only - If there are multiple instances of the footnote, only the first will be marked.
  • Show tooltip for footnote content - Displays a tooltip, as shown:

Performance and Debug

Check the boxes to enable the caching mechanisms and to 

  • Only highlight the main WP query - Select this option if you wish to only highlight footnotes on main footnote query. Unchecking this box may fix problems with highlighting footnotes on some themes which manipulate the WP_Query. 
  • Enable the caching mechanisms - Select this option if you want to use the plugin's internal caching mechanisms.


  • PIN Protect - Create a Pin number to protect your footnote
  • Secure Backup - Check the box to enable secure backup. Note that the backup files will be stored on your server as a CSV file and not on the WordPress DB.
  • Backup rebuild interval / rebuild hour - Set when and how often the backup will take place


Check the box or allow referral links on your page and receive a discount for referring new users. Include your affiliate code in the box provided.

At the bottom of the page, click on the save changes button to save.

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