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Adding Global Footnotes

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Footnote Types

Classic / Global Footnote | Simple / Local Footnote

There are two method of adding footnotes: 

  1. One is to add the footnote from the CM Footnote Pro menu section (see more below)
  2. The second is once you edit a post you can add footnotes directly from it (for more information, check the guide Add footnotes from any post). 

They will all show on the list of footnotes found under the plugin's menu. This page explains how to edit or add a new footnote from the footnote menu.

New Global Footnote

The footnotes added from the plugin menu will by default be global. This means that once created they will appear on all of the pages matching the requirements.

To add a new footnote, you need to do the following:

  • Navigate to the CM Footnotes plugin menu on the dashboard.
  • Select the Add New item from the menu

  • At the top of the page, insert a Title for the footnote you want to add. The Title should be a word or a phrase for which you'd like to display a footnotes. 

  • Next, type the content for the footnote in the provided box. It can include any media, links, formatting, etc.

Below: This is how the Footnote is displayed on the front-end view.

Footnote Term Properties

  • You can select the properties of the footnote. Select a Custom ID to enable the footnote with shortcode. This can be used on any post or page if you want specifically to output this footnotes.
    • This option allows you to give more descriptive titles and have more control on the placement of the footnotes.
  • You have the option to automatically highlight the footnote on your page. Check the box provided to enable or leave it blank to disable this. By default all footnotes will be shown on each page or post they are found on unless for a specific footnote you select this checkbox.
  • Lastly you can select the display method for the plugin on the page by choosing from the drop down menu provided. This open the option to show a specific footnote only on predefined posts based on the selected list for this specific footnote. If you select the All Pages it means that the footnote will be shown on each post it is found on.

Below: Post content field with the [cm_custom_footnote id="22"] shortcode to display specific Footnote in specific place.

Managing Global Footnotes

At any time, you can manage your global footnotes by heading to Admin Dashboard →CM Footnotes Pro → Footnotes.

In this dashboard you can see al global footnotes and perform individual or bulk actions.

  • Individual actions - Hover your mouse near a specific footnote item to trigger a menu related to it. Within it, you are able to quick edit, trash (delete), preview and more.
  • Bulk actions - Select multiple items by checking their boxes. Then, activate the Bulk Actions menu to either edit or delete them in bulk.

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