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Video Overview

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The  Findify Search Extension for Magento provides a high quality, super fast on-site product search solution for your Magento store. By collecting data on your customers’ search behavior, our machine learning algorithms can generate a “trend-aware search”. This means, we’re continuously adapting your search results based on trends and customer behavior. 
Our A/B tests have delivered 20-30% increase in conversion and revenue. We think that’s pretty awesome, and so do our customers!

Findify Search Extension Features:

  • Advanced Search: Replace the existing Magento® product search
  • Intelligent Search: Adds Intelligent machine learning capabilities to your search results
  • Spell-Correction: Adds Spelling mistake tolerance
  • Search AutoComplete: Adds Autocomplete Suggestions
  • Search Categories: Adds Intelligent filters & categories
  • Multilingual Search: Supports Multi-lingual search interface
  • Responsive Search: Responsive design for search result and autocomplete
  • Search Speed: Lightning-fast product search speed helps improve sales

The following video provides an overview of the Findify Best Search Extension.

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