Findify - Configuration and Settings


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To enable the extension, go to  System → Configuration → Catalog → Findify Feed in your Admin Panel.

On the Findify Feed tab:

  1. Set Enable Findify Search Feed to 'Yes'.  
  2. Add a Findify API Key if you have one. If not, you can add it later on.
  3. Set the Batch size, that is, how many products will be handled during one iteration.

Findify Feed Settings

To create a new feed or edit an existing one, navigate to Catalog → Findify Feed → Feeds.

Feed General Settings: 

  1. Select the Store View for which the feed will be added.
  2. Give a name to the feed (you should have separate feeds for different store views). 
  3. Enable the feed. 
  4. Set up the Feed Generation Frequency. Choose from daily, weekly, monthly or manually.

Feed Content Settings:

You will have the required attributes for Findify search already set up. 

Please notice that you cannot change the names of these fields. 

If you would like to add custom attributes to be searchable in the web search, you can add them to the feed by clicking the Add Column button. 

For example, if you would like to add brand, specifications, color, size or manufacturer as information to be searchable, you will need to add it to the feed. 

You can also assign parent attributes if you want all simple products to get this configurable attribute. Once you are done, save the feed. 

Generate Feed

Finally, choose your new feed from the feed list and click 'Generate'

The search should start working and present status message like the example bellow.

Copy and paste the url generated on your brower to download the CSV file with the search results.

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