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Adding a Separator With Label

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Starting from version 1.3.0, it's possible to add a separator and a label before the footnotes.

They are independent: you can either enable only one or also both at the same time.

Finding the Settings

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Footnotes Pro → Settings (1) → Footnote - Separator (2).

There you will be able to manage the Separator label (3) and the Optional separator (4).

Separator label

Include a title before the footnotes - Check the box and type a title. It will appear before the footnote content, as highlighted:

Optional separator

Include a separator before the footnotes - Check the box to enable this feature.

You can customize the following:

  • Size: Small (25% Width) / Medium (50% Width) / Large (75% Width) / Full Page (100% Width)
  • Thickness: Thin / Medium / Thick
  • Style: Solid / Dotted / Dashed

Some samples:

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