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CM Footnotes comes in two versions: the free and the Pro. Note that the product guide goes through many features only available on the Pro version.

This article focuses on the free version. 

Table of contents

  1. How To Add Footnotes
  2. How To Preview Footnotes
  3. Plugin's Settings
  4. Differences Between Free and Pro

Adding New Footnotes

To add a new footnote, you need to do the following:

  • Navigate to the CM Footnotes plugin menu on the dashboard.
  • Select the Add New item from the menu

  • At the top of the page, insert a Title for the footnote you want to add. 
    Important: the Title should be a word or a phrase for which you'd like to display a footnotes. This footnote will be triggered only if the post/page contains this title in the content.

  • Next, type the content for the footnote in the provided box. It can include any media, links, formatting, etc.

Examples of use

1) This image refers to the above examples:

2) Note that only the exact match "Modernist Quartet" triggered the footnote.

Also note that the Pro version eliminates the "Powered by CreativeMinds WordPress Plugin CM Footnotes" tag.

Previewing Footnotes

When editing a page or post, you can preview any incurrence of footnotes in the content area.

To do this, check the "CM Footnotes - Preview" metabox. There, click the Preview Footnotes in current content button.

The content will be parsed and you will see which footnotes will be triggered if you publish the content as is.


To edit the plugin's settings:

  • Navigate to the CM Footnotes plugin menu on the dashboard.
  • Select the Settings item from the menu

There are two tabs available: General Settings and Footnote.

Footnotes Display box

  • Check the boxes to display footnotes on posts and/or pages. In this example shown below, both are selected.
  • You can also select if the footnotes will appear only on single posts or pages. This option ensures footnotes aren't highlighted on your homepage, author pages and other taxonomy related pages.

Performance & Debug

  • Check the boxes to enable the caching mechanisms and to only highlight the main WP query.

Parsing box

  • Check the boxes to make the footnotes case sensitive and avoid parsing protected tags. This will prevent parsing html tags as footnotes items in case one of your footnotes has a similar name to an HTML tag.

Footnote Links box

  • Check the box to enable titles for footnote links. Also, select the size of the link color.

Footnote - Content box

  • In the left side, check the box to enable display of the headers row in the footnote. Enter a value to type a header for the description and limit the length of the description using the drop down menu.
  • In the right side, enter a header for the title column of the footnote. Also, check the box to enable display of the footnote title.

Don't forget to save the changes!


Free Version

  • Unlimited footnotes
  • Global footnotes
  • Add Images to footnotes

Pro Version

  • All Free Version Features
  • Add Footnotes and Citations to specific WordPress posts
  • Footnotes Style
  • Footnotes Index
  • Footnotes Customization
  • Footnotes Metabox
  • Footnotes Range
  • Local Footnotes using a Shortcode
  • Import and Export
  • Custom posts support
  • Synonyms support
  • Paged post support
  • CreativeMinds Membership
    • One year of expert support 
    • Unlimited product updates 
    • Plugin can be used forever 
    • Save 35% once renewing license 

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