CM Business Directory Levels (CMBD Add-On) - Creating Levels

Creating Levels

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The first step to adding levels to businesses in the Business Directory plugin is to create the levels that are to be applied.

Common levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold or Basic, Pro and Pro + but there are many other examples of levels out there on the web.

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to CM Business Directory ProLevels.

On the righthand side of the screen will be listed any levels that have been created. The first time using the Business Directory Levels plugin this section will be empty.

The form on the left is used to create new levels.

Decide on what the name of each level should be, enter the name, the slug (can be the same but in lower case), whether the level should be the child of another level and then give the level a description.

Click the "Add New Level" button at the bottom of the form.

Upon creating the new level it should appear on the right hand side in the list.

Editing Existing Levels

To Edit existing levels go to the same form as for creating new levels.

Either click on the name of the Level that is to be modified or else hover over the level's row to reveal the hidden options. For small edits click "Quick Edit" and for more detailed changes click "Edit".

The main difference between Edit and Quick Edit is that with Quick Edit you can only change the Name and Slug of the Level, with Edit you can also change wether it has a Parent Level and if so which level is it's Parent. You can also only change the Description of the Level in Edit, this is not an option with Quick Edit.

Quick Edit

Choosing the 'Quick Edit' option will reveal the quick edit editor and does not require a page refresh. Change the Name and / or Slug for the Level and click the 'Update Level' button.

Standard Edit

Clicking on either the Level Name or the 'Edit' option will open up the full standard Edit page. Modify any of the fields as needed then click on the 'Update' button at the bottom of the form.

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