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Glossary Plugin Localization

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The CM Tooltip Glossary fully supports all UTF-8 characters, allowing Glossary Localization for a variety of common languages.

Since all plugin labels and titles are easily customized in the plugin settings Labels tab, a simple customization of the plugin’s appearance and entering your alphabetic characters is enough to support a complete glossary localization.

Necessary tweaks for glossary localization:

If you want to adjust your plugin’s titles and labels to a different language, or for any other reason, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Glossary Index Page tab in the plugin settings panel.
  • Under “alphabetic index”, enter all characters in the desired language alphabet, separated by commas and in accordance with their original order. Specifying these characters in the plugin settings will determine the structure of your Glossary Index Page.
  • All done! You can now start adding terms to your glossary in your language and see how it parses your terms in your own alphabet

glossary localization option- CM tooltip WordPress plugin

glossary localization option- CM tooltip WordPress plugin1

Sometimes a site needs input from the community it serves.

With the Glossary Community Terms add-on users can help to build your glossary as you watch your key content grow.

WPML Support

The plugin is WPML compatible. Please read this article for more details.

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