CM Video Lessons Manager (CMVLM) - Direct payment Vs MicroPayments

Direct Payment Vs. MicroPayment

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The Video Lessons Manager supports two options for payment and subscriptions:

1)Direct Payments 


Here is a short description and comparison between the two options:

MicroPayment - You need to have the MicroPayment plugin installed. When users want to subscribe to a lesson he needs to have enough virtual currency in his wallet to "pay" for watching the lesson. If he does not, he needs to fill up his wallet. Filling up the wallet can be done in many ways. For example, if used together with CM Answers or PeepSo, users can recieve virtual currency for posting a question, answering an answer or just posting anything in his PeepSO profile. Another way will be to purchase virtual currency with real currency.

Direct Payment - You need to have the Easy Digital Downloads Plugin installed. When users wants to subscribe to a lesson he will be taken to the checkout, and will need to pay using any of the available payment gateways. Once payment is made he will be able to watch the video immediately. 

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