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Adding Abbreviations 

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With the Pro+ and Ecom edition of the CM tooltip glossary plugin, you can add abbreviations to each term. 

Important: One abbreviation cannot be connected to more than one glossary term. 

The plugin will look and parse the code looking for the abbreviation and show the link to the current term page if it finds any. 

The abbreviation will also be displayed on the term page in the square brackets next to the term itself. 

On the glossary index page, the abbreviation will be listed separately although it will point to the same term page as the full term.

The Abbreviations metabox is located in the editor for each glossary term page:

In the example shown below, API is used as the main term title while the full name is entered in the abbreviation field. The results are shown in the term page. 

And also the index page:

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