Supplier Frontend M2 - Product Settings

Product Settings

If you want to set the configuration for adding products to your catalog, visit the  Products Settings section under Supplier Frontend Product Uploader → Configuration.

Adding Products Settings

  • Attributes set: Determines what set of the attributes will be used in 'Adding Product F orm' Default  is supplierfrontendproductuploader_product_attributes.
  • Allowed product types: Determines what type of products can be created by suppliers. Options are: Configurable, Downloadable, Grouped and/or Virtual products.
  • Allow suppliers to upload images: Determines if suppliers can upload images to their products.
  • Maximum allowed images per product: Determines how many images can be added per product by each supplier.
  • Product tax class: Determines default tax class for products added by suppliers.
  • Supplier can define SKU: This option allows suppliers to define the SKU of the  suppliers  product.
  • Auto increment SKU number: If  suppliers  can’t define a SKU, this option will define auto increment value of the product. The number showed in this field is the last SKU used for a product.  Default  is 10001.

CSV Import Settings

  • Enable CSV import: Determines if supplier can import products by using CSV file.
  • Send a notification when supplier uploads the products: Determines if admin get a notification when supplier upload new products.
  • How many products can be imported: Determines the number of products that can be imported using CSV file.

Finally, remember to  Save the Configuration!

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