CM Curated List Manager (CMCLM) - Plugin Shortcodes

Plugin Shortcodes

Simple plugin shortcodes allow WordPress users to add entire lists to posts and pages, or only add single categories. This makes using these lists extremely versatile. 

To view shortcodes within the plugin, go to the Options section in the plugin dashboard. 

You can include an entire list in a blog post or a website page using the shortcode  [cm_list_manager list=LIST_NAME] where LIST_NAME is the slug of the list name. The actual name of the list won't appear, so the name can be arbitrary. 

You can also use list of slugs of lists, e.g.: [cm_list_manager list=list1,list2,...]

Here's what this looks like in a blog post titled "Top Books of 2015":

The option to use a shortcode that shows only a single category:  [cm_list_manager category=CATEGORY_NAME max_links=MAX_LINKS] where CATEGORY_NAME is the name attributed to the category and MAX_LINKS is an optional maximum number of links in a category shown. 

For example, here is a post showing only the "biographies" category: 

Using Categories Slugs for Shortcodes

When using the shortcode to display a specific category tweets you should use the slug name instead of the category name.

[cm_list_manager category=CATEGORY_NAME max_links=MAX_LINKS]

Slug name should be visible once you edit the category

Using Tags a Categories in Shortcode

 - category is slug or list of slugs of categories, e.g.: [cm_list_manager category=category1,category2,...],
 - tag is slug or list of slugs of tag, e.g.: [cm_list_manager tag=tag1,tag2,...],

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