CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Importing a KML/KMZ/GPX File

What is a KML/KMZ/GPX File

KML, KMZ and GPX are the file formats used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. KML/KMZ/GPX files are tag based.

Importing a KML/KMZ/GPX File into Route Manager

There are two ways to import map files into the Route Manager Plugin.

Through the " Add Route" page:

To Import a KML KMZ or GPX file into Route manager first navigate to the Routes page and select "Add Route" at the top.

The route name, description, status, category etc have to be entered manually. Then, scrolling down just above the map, the option to Import " KML, KMZ or GPX file..." can be found.

Through the Import/Export tab:The Imported will have "Draft" status so won't be visible automatically on the index page.

Notice: imported routes are in "Direct" travel mode by default.

Original KML/GPX file will be available to download using the export features across the plugin: in wp-admin → Routes and on the Route front-end page.

How to Record a KML/KMZ/GPX File

There are many apps (check out that can create a KML/KMZ/GPX file or external sites that export routes data into a KML/KMZ/GPX format. One recommended app is MotionX GPS which can be used to record tracks.

Converting between KML/GPX formats

If your GPS does not create a KML/GPX file you can easily convert it to KML/GPX using on of the following online tools:


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