CM Pay Per Post (CMPPP) - Pricing Settings

Pricing Settings

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Pay Per Posts Pro -> Settings.

Defining the Subscription Model

In General tab -> Subscriptions section, click the appropriate box for the subscription model you want. Pay per each post does target only specific posts and does not support setting subscriptions for a group of posts while the other option let you cluster a group of posts and setting a price for viewing any of them during the subscription period.

Pricing Group Setting

Now go to "Pricing" tab.

if you selected the pricing group options you can create several groups to which you can set the subscription.

Once defining the group name you can also set the time and the value options for this group.

In the following example we have defined two groups, each has it own pricing tiers.

Once you edit a page or a post you can select the pricing group this page belongs to if you wish to prevent users from reading it without paying the subscription first.

In case you don't want the post to be associated with a subscription you can always disable the Pay Per Post option in this post.

Click on the blue Save button to save changes.

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