CM Table of Contents (CMTOC) - Define the Table of Contents Elements

Define the Table of Contents Elements

  • Fill in the boxes to determine the selector of each level of the Table of Contents. 
  • The options you can change are: the tag, the class, or the id. 
    • You can use any combination of these options eg. 
      • just the tag: "h1"
      • the class + the id "#header.toc"
      • tag + the class : "div.toc-lvl2"
  • There are six levels of the Table of Contents which you can use, but you don't have to use all of them, you can remove some of them by leaving the inputs empty.
  • This settings may be overridden per each specific post by the local settings defined on this post (see Related Articles). 
  • The local settings on each post can only override the element selector and not the styling of each element.

  • The Styling box allows you to define the appearance of the Table of Contents levels you choose in the previous box. Click on the boxes to change the size of each level. Then click on the drop down menus for color, weight, decoration, and style to determine those settings. This settings will be applied per each place where the TOC is showing on site.

Below: Front-end view of styled Table of content.

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