Appointments Booking - Forms

Creating Forms

Each calendar can have a unique booking form which include any number of fields.

To create a form you need to go to the plugin admin menu and click on Forms.

Then select the calendar for which you want to build or change  the form for.

Once selected you can add any fields from the left side to the right side which represents the form being used for this calendar booking.

Each fields which is added to the form also includes the ability to mark it as mandatory, to define a default value to it and also to add some additional description.

You can also use radio buttons, checkbox and select box as part of the form.

Once saved the form will appear on the frontend view once user will try to book an appointment. For example:

Form information is saved in the appointment post which is accessible from the booking dashboard. It is also represented in the placeholder {booking-form} which can be added to any email notification sent.

Notice; the name and the email fields in the form are mandatory and can not be removed from the form.

Adding ReCaptcha

if you want to reduce potential automatic spam request you should add a recaptcha keys in the plugin general setting. Once added all forms for all calendars will have reCaptcha at the bottom of the form

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