CM Table of Contents (CMTOC) - CSS Adjustments

CSS Adjustments 

You might need to further apply some css changes on the TOC style. Here is a short guide and few example you can use to make such changes

1 - You can always use the built-in browser "Inspect" feature to find out the exact class of the specific element you want to change 

2 - To apply a new CSS change or add a new one you need to have a place to apply custom css. it could be within your theme settings, adding it directly to your theme css file or by using an external plugin that  supports custom css

3 - Few examples

Changing the color or style of the title "Table of Contents" 

.cmtoc_table_of_contents_description { color:  blue; font-weight: 900; }

Change the color of the list numbering

.cmtoc_table_of_contents_table { color:  blue; }

More information about the Table of Contents WordPress  Plugin

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