Site Access Restriction (SAR) - Shortcodes

Access restriction Shortcodes

The plugin produces a shortcode which support restricting content only to part of the content within the post / page. This means that the entire post can be visible and only part of it will be visible to specific WP roles.

The shortcode looks like this:

[access role="user role" cap="capability" userid=123 guests=1 login=1 deniedtext="Text which will see users that cannot see the content" reverse=0]  Put the restricted content here [/access]

All shortcode parameters are optional.

Using the shortcode you can hide the content by Wordpress role, capability or user ID.
Use the  guests=1 parameter to show content only for not logged-in users.
Use the  login=1 parameter to show content only for logged-in users.

Use the  deniedtext parameter to display an optional text.

Use the reverse=1 parameter to reverse the access condition and show the content only when the condition is not met.

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