CM Expert Directory Payments (CMED Add-On) - Plugin Overview

Plugin Overview

This Add-On is a supplement for the CM Expert Directory Plugin that lets users submit and manage their own listings within the Expert Directory.

The purpose of the WordPress Expert Directory Payments AddOn by CreativeMinds is to allow site owners to require payments for various activities regarding the directory.

Plugin adds many different options to require payments for, both on the expert owners side (requires Community AddOn) and viewer's side.

The payment system used by the Expert Directory Payments is based on Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce plugin, which has more than 20 available payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, 2Checkout and many more.

Viewer Side

There is one option to require payments from viewers:

  • Pay Per View - when this option is used - clients explore the Expert Directory Index freely, but the payment is required for viewing the details of the single Expert - read more here: Pay Per View.

Owner Side

Most of the payment options are focused on requiring payments from the expert owners: