CM Product Directory Payments (CMPD Add-On) - Limited Free Listing

Limited Free Listing

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Product Directory -> Settings.

Click on the Payments tab.

Limited Free Listing

In the Limited Free Listing section activate feature and select which fields should be always visible, even when their owner didn't pay.

When this option is enabled, all of the fields will be visible only when the product owner pays for the Product Renewal.

This function is connected with Renew Product Payments settings. In case user does not renew an existing listing his listing will only show the free defined fields.

Below: Product page with only selected fields displayed.

Renew Product Payments

Enable payments for renewing products, select EDD Product and set time between renewals. Read more here.

After this time users will be asked to renew and until then they will see only fields admin selected in Limited Free Listing section.