CM Video Lessons Payments (CMEDDPAY) - Payment Methods​

Payment Methods

The plugin has two option for payments:

  1. CM MicroPayments - In this case it will require the CM MicroPayments plugin installed.
  2. EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) payments - In this case it will require the Easy Digital Downloads free plugin installed.

In both cases (EDD or MicroPayments) the Video Lessons Payments plugin allows you to set a price for a specific video lesson.

The price is called a subscription and it allows the user to pay a specific cost for viewing the video for a defined period of time. 

In the example below, the user is denied access to the content before paying:

Paying with MicroPayments

When working with the MicroPayment solution, the price is shown in the virtual currency that you have set. It can be points or dollars or anything else you desire. Purchasing the virtual currency is possible with CM MicroPayment or while integrating the CM MicroPayments with Easy Digital Downloads.

Working with CM MicroPayments means that each logged-in user has a wallet associated with him. In order to activate the subscription he must first purchase the virtual currency which was set. Purchasing the virtual currency can be done directly using PayPal or, if using Easy Digital Downloads, by any supported payment method available with EDD (more than 30).

Once the user tries to purchase the subscription the plugin, check if he has enough "points" in his wallet and, if not, suggest him to purchase points. 

Paying with EDD payments

Working with EDD Payments means that each logged-in user can purchase the subscription directly while going to the checkout and paying with the defined payment gateways set in EDD. 

The example below shows a checkout page for the content

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