CM Video Lessons EDD Payments (CMEDDPAY) - Settings - Labels

Settings - Labels

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Video Lesson Manager Pro  Settings.

Click on the Labels tab.

  • eddpay_activate_subscription_header - Call to action "Activate subscription".
  • eddpay_activate_subscription_text - Text on the paybox for logged-in users.
  • eddpay_activate_subscription_text_guest - Text on the paybox for not logged-in users.
  • eddpay_period_for_amount - Subscription option to choose eg. "2 weeks for $20".
  • eddpay_subscription_checkout_button - Checkout button label.
  • eddpay_subscription_checkout_button_period_for_amount - Activate subscription button label when only one cost is available.
  • eddpay_subscription_activate_success - Success message after subscription has been activated.
  • eddpay_checkout_redirection - Checkout redirection message.
  • eddpay_transaction_label - Lesson transaction label.
  • eddpay_transaction_all_channels_label - All lessons transaction label.
  • eddpay_channel_cost - Subscription checkout cost.

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